PNB Auto Loan

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Please contact:
Jun at: 7033556
Ellen at: 8756516
Smart: 0908-8160619
Globe: 0927-6354724
Sun: 0922-2879017
for further details.

  • Purchase of brand new or second hand cars
Eligible Borrowers
  1. Borrower must be at least 21 years of age
    • Individuals aged 21 years but should not be more than 65 years old at the time of loan maturity
    • Partnership and Corporations
Term of loanThe maximum term of the loan shall be 60 months
For Second-Hand Vehicles
  • 1-year old vehicles – 36months
  • 2-3-years old vehicles – 24 months
  • Car to be refinanced
Loanable Amount
  1. Minimum amount of loan shall be P400,000.00.
  2. Maximum loanable amount shall be as follows:
    a. For Brand New/Refinanced Vehicles – up to 80% of the cash list or purchase price
    b. For Second-Hand Vehicles – up to 50% of the appraised value
Interest Rate

In ArrearsOne Month Advance
12 Months6.55%5.67%
18 Months9.60%8.65%
24 Months14.10%13.06%
36 Months21.96%20.76%
48 Months32.64%31.21%
Repayment Scheme
  • Equal monthly amortization
Mode of Payment
  • Payments can be made via Automatic Debit Arrangement and Post Dated Checks
  • Comprehensive Insurance